Multilingual DTP services

A document’ translation often requires a consistent layout with that of the original document. Our customers particularly appreciate the time saving and quality of work provided by the GLOBAWARE multilingual DTP solution.

The challenges of linguistic DTP

Your company’s documents, files and websites are designed by people who have mastered the software intended for this purpose. It is often necessary to translate them to make them accessible to a wider audience. Most of the time, changing the language of a file affects its layout. But it can also lead to the need to adapt graphics, indexes, table of contents, style, visuals….
The graphic adaptation of content aims to obtain a file ready for distribution that respects the typographic rules and cultural conventions of the destination country.

Why Globaware?

GLOBAWARE’s multilingual DTP service takes care of the layout of your translation in all formats (PDF, films for printing, files on diskette, CD-ROM…), for all your documents, files and websites, in the language of your choice.

You can also entrust us with the insertion of texts, the creation or retouching of graphics or illustrations, the generation of tables and indexes. The integrity of the texts and illustrations, the quality of the documents and their adaptation to the target market are carefully checked. In order for you to be able to use the translation immediately, we deliver a finished document with a perfect layout.

We support the following software:

QuarkXPressMadCap FlareXML