E-learning translation

e-learning translation


Distance learning has grown considerably since publishers have been able to offer cloud-based solutions that are more cost-effective for companies than onsite training. But the use of e-learning has really exploded with the health crisis. Upgrading employees and student’skils s improves the competitiveness of the organisation and its brand image. However, these training programmes must be accessible and adapted to the target audience. However, when it comes to conquering foreign markets, professional translation makes sense.

So if you want to distribute your e-learning programmes in other countries, you need a strong and experienced partner.


To translate your programmes, you need a specialist agency capable of translating your e-learning content inany multimedia format. Our communication platform allows us to link our teams and our clients to optimise deadlines and your satisfaction. Globaware is a translation agency with expertise in distance learning. Translators and experts know both the world of e-learning and your business. We take care of transcriptions, subtitling, dubbing or voice-overs for your videos and podcasts. We localise yourcontent and graphics, your platform and your promotional material. Whether you have chosen classic e-learning, micro learning, mobile learning or gamification, our work is precise and professional. More generally, our vocation is to optimise the use of your educational contentin the language of your choice and to preserve its meaning and coherence.


Globaware makes your e-learning programmes stand out. The participants feel that this programme has been developed especially for them. As a result, they are able to implement the training more quickly. Whether you need to increase your membership or involve your teams, professional translation of your materials guarantees a better return on investment.

  • Training for sales representatives
  • Customer service e-learning
  • Technical training
  • Scientific trainings
  • University and certification programmes
  • Software learning
  • E-learning for training centers
  • Language courses