Marketing & web localisation

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A marketing message must reach its target audience. Otherwise, it has no impact and its return on investment is disappointing. So, when it comes to selling in a foreign country, it should not be assumed that the target, a priori identical to that of the country of origin, will be sensitive to the same thing. And this is where localisation is key ! After translation, localisation adds power to your content, as it allows it to be adapted to the culture and codes of the market to be conquered. For a website, this is even more important if the content includes references, customer testimonials, expert interviews, etc. These are all influencers whose voices do not necessarily resonate in the same way from one country to another. The regionalisation of your documents is a precise task that is best left to a localisation expert.


Globaware’s multilingual translation agency’s offer is comprehensive. In other words, it offers you marketing and web translation servicesas well as customised localisationservices. Our translators and experts are native speakers of the country in which you wish to develop your business. Therefore, they know the culture. Specialists in online and offline marketing, they also master the specifics of your business sector. Legal experts and lawyers are integrated into the localisation teams for the legal aspect of your work. Whatever format your website is written in, we take care of it and adapt it to local SEO.

Once your project is completed, our greatest reward is knowing that you have maximised your return on investment.

  • Blogs, pages and website
  • Catalogues, brochures, product sheets, magazines
  • Intranet, extranet or e-learning platforms
  • Experts’ publications
  • Software & Applications