E-learning localisation

e-learning translation


With the growing demand for online training, there is now a plethora of offerings on the web. Unfortunately, they are not always qualitative. Indeed, many organisations make do with rough translations hoping to reach their audience despite texts, videos and micro-learning that are not adapted to their audience. Contrary to what one might imagine, this strong growth in demand does not make the public less selective.

Training is a real job, including online! So surround yourself with a quality partner for your e-learning programmes and platforms.


Localise e-learning activities is our job Our varied activities also include online language courses. Whether your audience istechnical, scientific or commercial,we adapt your messages to your target. Videos and podcasts are subtitled, dubbed and adapted to your targets. We offer you an impressive range of skills and expertise. Not to mention our technical solutions that save you time and money. In the end, the important thing is to preserve the meaning and consistency of your translations.

  • Sales and customer support training
  • Software Tutorials
  • Technical education

  • Scientific webinars
  • University courses
  • Certification programmes