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Of course, the legal translator must have a perfect command of the language of the original document and that of the destination country. But this competence would not be sufficient without a sound knowledge of international law. Indeed, legal translation can be complex when it comes to bringing together two sometimes distant legal systems. In other words, the translated text must have the same legal value as the source text. Therefore, it is often necessary to resort to the localisation of legal texts. Finally, documents may need to be sworn, legalised or apostilled.


GLOBAWARE translation agency is connected to an extensive network of legal translatorsspecialised in each area of law (business law, international law, tax and accounting law, insurance law……). Legal experts or lawyers carry out the localisation of legal texts. On the other hand, we process information, sometimes very sensitive, in completeconfidentialityand archive it in a secure system. We also take care of the legalisation, swearingor apostilleof your legal or administrative documents.


The experts chosen have a thorough and constantly updated knowledge of the field concerned. They are also well versed in the use of the IT tools available to them. Globaware uses the latest technology to reduce production times and meet budgets. By choosing Globaware, you are choosing a partner who is an expert in legal translation. Thanks to this knowledge, you will receive accurate, reliable and faithful translations of the original texts in the language combination of your choice.

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  • Commandments
  • Assignments
  • Conclusions
  • Judicial handstands
  • Complaints
  • Authorization documents
  • Employment contracts
  • Agreements
  • Arrangements
  • SGC ou UGC
  • Contracts
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  • Minutes of the General Assembly