Globaware audiovisual translation agency

GLOBAWARE translates your audio or video material into the language of your choice. Our experts work to ensure that the meaning of your communication is preserved. Subtitles, dubbings and voice-overs are adapted to your target audience to convey your message and optimise its impact.

Professional audiovisual translation

Inappropriate subtitling of a film or series can considerably alter its quality and its perception by the audience. Audiovisual translation combinesseveral skills. For videos and films, the subtitle must be accuratewhile remaining faithful to the original context. It is therefore essential to adapt to the culture of the target country. The mastery of tracking tools is essential for subtitling a video or film. In fact, there are specific training courses.

Why Globaware for your audio and video work?

In addition to editorial excellence, Globaware requires the audiovisual translator to be fluent in both the source language and the target language. He must also master the culture. By choosing GLOBAWARE, you benefit from the best technology, the most talented interpreters and project managers for the transcription, audiovisual translation and adaptation of your audio or video material.
That’s why you get a professional end result, on time and on budget.
Give your communication the meaning it deserves!

Examples of audiovisual translation