Globaware, professional and specialised translation agency

Eliminate the language barrier and strengthen your international competitiveness with Globaware, a professionaland specialised translation company. Whatever your need, technical, marketing or financial translation, you can count on Globaware’s experience. Thanks to this know-how, you can obtain quality translations in the languages of your choice, even for large volumes.

Because we care abouta job well done, we carefully select the most talented translators and experts for your project. We can also offer you our tracking services if required. Indeed, reaching your target audience means, in some cases, making a precise adaptation of your documents or files. The latest technologies are at your service to reduce production times and respect budgets.

Services + Globaware

More specifically, here are the different stages of our professional translation work :

  • Initial check to ensure that the text can be easily translated,
  • Post-édition,
  • Complete proofreading and correction of misprints and residual errors
  • Checking the translation and consistency of the parts and editing,
  • Proofreading the target text (terminology, translation errors, syntax, etc.)
  • Reformatting, simple or complex, with location of graphics .