Financial translation

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Finance is a complex and constantly evolving field. Obviously, the financial translation expert must have a thorough knowledge of this field and its lexical field. But it must also be informed of the latest economic and financial news. Secondly, adaptation to the target audience is crucial for this exercise. Indeed, the vocabulary is not the same depending on whether one is talking to a private individual or to financial specialists. Finally, the financial translator must treat the information with the utmost confidentiality and respect the rules for formatting the a private individual or to financial specialists.


We select people with a background in finance or with a strong knowledge of the relevant field. The experts work into their mother tongue. They are familiar with the language and financial culture of the destination country. They are also proficient in editing and publishing tools. We sign non-disclosure agreements for the most sensitive information. We store your data in a secure system.


Financial and accounting translations are handled in the languages of your choice. Globaware’s translation agency adapts your material(texts, figures and dates) to the destination country and the target audience. The DTP service guarantees you a standardised layout. Provide us with your glossaries and translations for an accelerated process. Our teams and systems handle your information with complete discretion. In conclusion, if you are looking for a financial translation specialist, contact Globaware.

  • Balance sheets
  • Banking documents
  • Merger/acquisition information
  • Procedures
  • Industrial analysis procedures
  • Business plans
  • Activity reports
  • Audit reports
  • KIID
  • Online training materials
  • Financial and stock market analyses
  • Corporate statutes