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Localizing a software or a website is about making it more accessible to the target audience. However, localisation is an exercise that presents very specific constraints for translators. More specifically, it is a matter of respecting computer rules and adapting units of measurement, numerical formats, date and time formats, fonts, characters and currencies to the destination country. The software must also respect the customs of the country and the regulations in force. Finally, users should feel that they are in a familiar environment.

Do you want to localise your software and websites to improve their usability ?


By entrusting Globaware with the localisation of your websites and software, you are choosing an expert in the field who masters all stages of software development. At your service, real software engineering, a proven testing process and specific profiles mobilised for your project (Project Manager, Integrator, IT Engineer, etc.). They work into their native language and have a thorough knowledge of the culture and regulations of the destination country. Globaware is also the technical, functional and graphic mastery of software and hardware tools. The security and confidentiality of your information is guaranteed.

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