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GlobaWare – an experienced globalisation and localisation translation agency – was founded in France in 1999 by former members of Compaq Computer. In 2007, the company expanded with the opening of its office in Montreal, Canada. A third GlobaWare office was added to the Group in January 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.ISO 9001 certified, the company draws on its expertise and extensive network to offer a wide range of language services.

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Overall, quality cannot be improvised, it must be built and controlled. At GlobaWare, a translation and localisation agency, it is based first and foremost on an agile and flexible organisation. We rely on proven and documented processes and an experienced translation team. Moreover, the criteria for its selection are rigorous

Firstly, whether they are employed or self-employed, GlobaWare actors all work in their native language. Secondly, they are all graduates and have between 3 and 10 years experience in their field. Then they have to pass the preparatory stage of a pilot project to be selected. Moreover, they all share a taste for work well done.

After that, an internal team supervises and monitors them (annual individual interviews, continuous verification of their work, tailor-made training plan, etc.). In any case, the project managers chosen to carry out your work remain your references throughout its execution.

A personalised answer

Since its creation, GlobaWare has been developing language services and solutions to meet the specific needs of each of its many client companies. As a true partner of our clients, we promote their products/services on the global markets. Ainsi, GlobaWare adapts and offers customised responses to the work habits of each organisation.

Globaware expertise

Based on proven internal processes and an experienced and committed team, Globaware guarantees the quality of the service provided. Similarly, by using the latest language tools, we enable you to optimise your time, resources and budget.

Assets developed for you…

Joining Globaware, positioned in France, Quebec and Spain, means making the choice to :

  • Reactivity:Globaware is committed to sending you an accurate, personalised and timely quote.
  • Quality:We offer you professional, experienced and specialised translators working in their mother tongue.
  • Confidentiality:We store your data on a secure server, segment the information for sensitive documents. We act in accordance with our confidentiality agreement.