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Get a quick grasp of the topics and issues at stake in your discussions by having an interpreter accompany you. Globaware offers a complete and confidential interpreting service.





interpreting for négotiations


Accurately understanding what speakers are saying is always a major issue in international relations. In business, interpreting is an ideal solution to enhance the impact of your events such as congresses, symposia, meetings, round tables, webinars, telephone or video conferences. However, the interpreter can also be a valuable ally for all your legal needs (courts, police, notaries, lawyers). It facilitates real-time exchanges and optimises the chances of success of your initiative.

If they are familiar with your field, and the usual vocabulary related to it, they will be all the more spontaneous and effective.


You may prefer simultaneous, liaison, consecutive or whispered interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretationtakes place at the same time as the speaker’s speech and is suitable when there are a large number of speakers. Two interpreters take turns to optimise the quality of the interpretation. The speech is transmitted to the audience through infrared headsets.

The liaison interpretertranslates the words of all the interlocutors to link them.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter first takes notes and then reproduces the speaker’s words when he or she interrupts.

Whispered interpreting is a variant of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter translates the speech from a language that most participants understand and acts on behalf of the client. He simultaneously translates, in a low voice, in a whisper, what is said in each verbal exchange between the protagonists.


Whatever your sector of activity, Globaware will advise you on the most appropriate interpreting solutionand select your interpreter.

Interpersonal and linguistic skills, ethics, but also excellent knowledge of the culture of your interlocutors are the main criteria for choosing interpreters. Court interpreters are sworn and chosen according to their speciality and your needs;criminal, labour, administrative or business law. They can be chosen from the list of experts of the Courts of Appealor the Cour de Cassation. We also provide the necessary technical equipment (microphones, headsets, cameras, etc.)

With Globaware, forget about having to speak a language you don’t master and without fear of misunderstanding. We work quickly to find the most suitable interpreting solution for you.