Globaware, localisation agency

Of course, translation and localisation are closely linked. However, it is only once the translation is complete that the localisation process can begin. Adapting texts is not the only aspect of localisation. It also includes the harmonisation of graphics, icons and formats to the habits of the end user. Clearly, localisation represents a huge step forward in the service of globalisation. Unheard of 20 years ago, it has now become essential to the international growth of companies.

Because it makes users more familiar with their working environment, it increases their satisfaction. As a result, the frequency of use of the tools provided has increased.

Ultimately, by making your content accessible to your international audiences, you increase your sales or awareness.
So give yourself real competitive advantages by adapting your tools to the countries you distribute! . As a specialist in website, software and content localisation, Globaware uses a precise and subtle methodology.

Services + Globaware localisation agency

How do we proceed?

  • Software or web engineering:In order to guarantee the correct transcription of the existing environment, we redevelop the original software/website after translation.
  • Audio recording
  • Audio or video transcription
  • Testing and linguistic and functional validation of software
  • Testing and mobilisation of project managers and technical profiles
  • Technical, functional and graphic mastery of software and hardware tools,
  • Ensuring the security and confidentiality of information.