Technical translation agency: GlobaWare

Place your trust in GlobaWare - because translating a document is more than just transforming words into their equivalents in another language.

With their team of professional, highly qualified translators, working exclusively in their native languages, your specialized translation agency can meet all your needs in numerous languages (English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Farsi, etc.)

SERVICES + GlobaWare

  • Verification of sources: initial check to ensure that the text can be translated easily.
  • Post-editing:
    • Level 1 : a complete rereading and correction of any misprints or residual errors;
    • Level 2 : verification of the translation and the consistency between different parts, as well as editing to render it similar to a human translation.
  • Proofreading: a rereading of the target text to ensure that it has been correctly translated and that no errors remain (terminology, mistranslation, syntax, etc.).
  • Copy-editing: a rereading of the translated text by an editor-translator who reformulates where necessary to intensify the impact.
  • Reformatting, simple or complex, with localization of graphics.