Website localization services

Ensure your website is visible to your international target audience, through website localization. With genuine specialists, GlobaWare offers you an approach that takes account of local specificities, Web functionalities and referencing issues. To adapt your platforms to your markets, GlobaWare engineers take part in every stage of localization:

  • translation (respecting the structure and the code (HTML, ASP, PHP, etc.), graphics, layout, and technical and linguistic validation);
  • linguistic and cultural localization (references and links, mastering local versions);
  • maintenance and search engine optimization (referencing).

Website localization is a solution that guarantees you:

  • a website that is adapted to the local market;
  • optimization of texts for referencing (SEO) in the target countries;
  • a translated website that is ready to go online through the delivery of digital files that are ready for immediate use.

Contact GlobaWare today for more information about its website localization services.

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