Themed courses

GlobaWare, the translation and localization agency, offers short training courses that focus on language skills for communication or for certain jobs. These courses are taught according to standard methods. GlobaWare adapts to your needs by offering normal, intensive, or immersive programs.

Communication Skills

Short courses to acquire communication skills in the professional world.

  • Telephone Calls: To make and receive business phone calls, using the right vocabulary and essential expressions while conforming to a corporate image and conventions.
  • Writing Emails: To learn how to write effective and convincing emails, using the appropriate vocabulary and correct punctuation, and without infringing on grammar rules.
  • Customer Service: To communicate efficiently and cheerfully with customers in English, by phone, in person or in writing.
  • Socializing: To be at ease in social situations such as dining with customers outside the company, encouraging juniors to speak, etc.
  • Traveling: To learn and be able to use essential vocabulary for day-to-day life when traveling: at the airport, at a hotel, at a restaurant, on public transport, etc.
  • Meetings: Be prepared to lead, organize or participate in meetings.

Professional Language Courses

These courses focus on the content and vocabulary linked to a specific activity: human resources, tourism, engineering, catering, building, medicine, nursing, aviation, etc.

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