On-demand translation (document translation services)

Whether your needs are occasional or recurrent, look to a specialist. GlobaWare, the professional translation agency, offers you a service adapted to projects requiring immediate handling: user guides, labels, packaging, etc. After analyzing your request, GlobaWare selects a team and chooses a project leader. He will be your sole contact person, as he knows your expectations perfectly and guarantees the quickest possible response. What’s more, GlobaWare and its document translation services ensures the visual consistency of your documents (use of the appropriate memories and terminologies, layout of the translated documents, etc.).

On-demand translation is a solution that is:

  • economical, because of the recurrence of requests processed, the consistency and knowledge of the teams in place, and a proven process and processing tools;
  • fast, in terms of handling and processing requests;
  • compatible with a wide range of calibrated volumes;
  • higher quality, through the allocation of a team of translators who are dedicated to the project for its duration and led by a designated Project Leader.

Contact GlobaWare today for more information about its document translation services.

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