Diagnostics and consulting

GlobaWare, the corporate linguistic compliance agency Increase your teams’ productivity and position yourself in public markets through the linguistic compliance of your materials. With their team of professional region-specific translators, GlobaWare can offer you a personalized assessment and linguistic compliance program. The objective: To ensure you benefit from solutions adapted to your needs.

To go even further, GlobaWare, the corporate linguistic compliance agency, supports you in:

  • writing the linguistic compliance program and the documents related to linguistic compliance (policies and procedures, training aids, press releases, etc.),
  • preparing and submitting reports
  • monitoring and receiving your linguistic compliance certificate,
  • etc.

Applying linguistic compliance to your materials aids for:

  • conforming with local regulations in force;
  • respecting the intricacies of the company, and the world around it;
  • offering a high-quality solution, in conformity with objectives and requirements;
  • defining a program that is adapted to your schedule and your budget,yet also practical.

Contact GlobaWare today, the corporate linguistic compliance agency.

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