A software solution

GlobaWare, the software linguistic compliance agency Enable your associates to use software in their native language, without changing your existing infrastructure. Using the SIAT software, GlobaWare can guarantee fast, efficient linguistic compliance for all of your software and your Intranet.

How does it work?

  • The SIAT software captures the text within the user interface;
  • It analyses the content and its context;
  • It replaces the blocks of text with their corresponding translations, stored in an external database (created by your teams or by GlobaWare translators)

Linguistic compliance with the SIAT software is a solution that is:

  • economical: costs, deployment and maintenance times are reduced;
  • powerful: your teams’ productivity is increased;
  • fast: the linguistic compliance process is automated;
  • effective for all types of Windows or Web software, regardless of sources and languages;
  • independent of the publisher: completely autonomously, you can add or delete components or languages without changing the existing content.

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