GlobaWare’s language courses

Gain mastery of foreign languages and work effectively in an international context. GlobaWare offers Conversation, English Presentations, Legal or Financial English courses, and more. With their team of experienced, qualified teachers (TEFL, FLE, ELE, DaF, DITALS), GlobaWare provides a customized, effective method of learning languages for business, encouraging interactive participation and oral communication.

GlobaWare's courses are taught through three different methods:

  • Standard: in a classroom with a teacher on company premises, in small groups or even individually (phone or videoconference).
  • Online courses: with the help of a language teaching platform and students working independently. This is a very flexible system. The courses can be complemented by written and oral tutoring (by phone or videoconference)
  • Blended learning: a combination of online courses and in-class lessons with a teacher. Reading, listening and grammar are dealt with on the online platform, and speaking and writing are handled in class.

No matter which method is chosen, all four language learning skills are covered: listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing. In some cases, the emphasis is on oral skills.

The pace of the courses may be normal (1 to 3 hours, once or twice a week), intensive (2 to 6 hours, two to five times a week), or immersive(the full day, for a minimum of one week).

SERVICES + GlobaWare

  • Customized courses, especially designed for professionals with specific needs, not covered by traditional course offers.
  • Quality assurance: test questionnaires, continuous assessment, regular exams, periodic reports.
  • English and Spanish courses through eLearning or Blended Learning.
  • Intensive courses for fast improvement in the level of language.
  • Tests to determine students' grades.
  • Varied teaching materials and tools to aid learning.
  • Preparation of financial records in the context of continued training.