Team (localization project manager, translater…)

Quality cannot be improvised; it is built and managed. At GlobaWare, the translation and localization agency, it is based on an agile, flexible organization, on proven, documented processes, and on experienced internal & and external teams:

  • Whether they are employees or freelancers, GlobaWare’s people all work in their mother tongue. All fully qualified, they have between three and ten years’ experience in their field and all take pride in a job well done.
  • After following a rigorous selection process, and a preparatory stage of working on a pilot project, independent professionals are supervised by an in-house team (localization project managers, translation managers…) and benefit from appropriate support (annual individual interviews, continuous checking of their work, personalized training programs, etc.).
  • The Group’s in-house project leaders (localization project managers, translation managers…) inspect every job assigned and remain at your disposal for all questions and concerns. The assembled team will be available for all of your projects from the moment you confirm your satisfaction with the first projects assigned. GlobaWare, the translation and localization agency, guarantees the quality of the service provided and a reduction in learning time.