In what format should I send my documents?

“It is recommended that the source files sent should be readable and immediately usable (Word, PowerPoint, Excel formats). PDF documents and other scanned images cannot be directly translated as is.

They require extra recovery and layout work, thus extending deadlines. It should be noted that PDF data recovery and layout work are invoiced as additional charges.”

Why pay a specialist translation company when freelance translators can be used?

“Working with a translation and localization agency such as GlobaWare is better than working directly with freelance translators; GlobaWare provides a complete, global service, a project leader, and comprehensive coordination for a cost that is not necessarily higher than that of a freelance translator.

Calling upon the services of a translation agency also guarantees the availability of translators, and takes care of all the procedures for controlling and checking the consistency of the translators’ work, revising the documents, and the overall management of the project.”

Why outsource translation and localization through an agency?

“Assessing the exact cost of an in-house translation is often very complicated: usually, standard estimates only consider the external cost as the determining factor, though it is important to assess the total cost of a translation job by also including in-house costs (selection, training, coordination and supervision of technicians, purchase of hardware, time spent, etc.).

GlobaWare’s experience can offer you the tools you need to industrialize your translations and simplify your approach while still controlling costs: you know exactly the time limits and the budget for every job.

Translating a website or localizing software is a specialized and complex process that requires the cooperation of various categories of professionals – not only linguists, but also engineers, testers, graphic designers, programmers, project leaders, etc. Outsourcing this work to a specialized team gives you the assurance that you will reach your objectives in terms of budget, deadlines and quality .

How do you calculate estimates?

“Estimates are processed quickly and calculated either per hour (linguistic engineering, interpreting, training), or by quantity (words for translation).

Other elements may contribute to the price, such as the complexity or the technical nature of the documents to be translated, the scarcity of translators or interpreters in certain languages, etc. A minimum price may apply in some cases. This is particularly applicable to the translation of texts containing few words or to a very short interpreting assignment.”

How should you choose between human translation and machine translation?

“Machine translation is useful for a quick understanding of emails, texts, etc. It allows for an approximate grasp of the meaning of a work or a text. It is also a marvelous tool for productivity. However, it is risky to translate documents or websites with this type of software, without doing any post-editing, as mistranslation and inaccuracy are common.

Only a translation expert can provide you with a quality translation with all of the nuances and details inherent in the language and in the specific field pertaining to the text.”

How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of the information sent?

“All documents are exchanged electronically (via email, Web platform, FTP or transfer website).

All information is stored on systems behind a firewall, all located on GlobaWare premises. There is no remote storage or backup service. GlobaWare has installed a unique file server, accessible only to authorized accounts. All data are protected against viruses and systems are equipped with anti-spyware programs.”